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meWelcome! By day I am IT Help Desk Manager but I am on the path to becoming a Recovering Job Addict.  Like many successful people, my career has extracted a heavy price, mainly in time away from family, friends, both physical and mental health, and most importantly, my personal passions.  While listing to a talk at the 2014 World Domination Summit, Michael Hyatt offered a sobering actuarial statistic: Of the 2500 people in attendance, 2 will die within the next 30 days.

Yeah, I know, it won’t be you. But how do you know.

So I am committed to creating  community that challenges the notion that  a successful career does not mean you can’t live a passionate and well rounded life. I plan to write about my experiences and others that I meet, ideas about how you can be improve your physical and mental well-being, reviews on other people’s ideas, and simple general good natured fun!

You can follow me on twitter @liferebooting.


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