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Beware of the Expert

Conventional wisdom tells us to rely on experts.

Tax Preparation

Auto Repair

Home Improvement

Let us handle the issue and all will be well!

But, what if the expert is wrong?

Beware of expert who has a personal stake in you purchasing a product.

Their expertise might be simply salesmanship, not the product or service they are selling.

Better yet, educate yourself. You might become an expert.


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Face the Music. Now!

Kicking the can down the road is a great way to kill time. However, if kicking the can is a metaphor for avoiding a problem, chances are you are creating a bigger problem by waiting.

Addressing a problem is like removing a band aid. You know it’s going to hurt so you procrastinate, even though you realize the pain will be short lived.

The sooner you feel the pain, the sooner the pain subsides

Don’t wait. Face the music. Get past the pain


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Life Insurance is a Good Business

Last Friday dealt me a shock that reinforced the do it now not later mindset: A friend of mine received a diagnosis of  Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This shocking news was the third friend in four years diagnosed with this insidious disease, and sadly, my two friends passed away soon after the diagnosis. My response? I bought tickets for Tottenham Hotspur play Manchester City in Nashville.  Why? Because I am a big Tottenham supporter and I never seen them play live, and this summer was a perfect opportunity.  It’s the same reason I accepted a friend’s invite to head to Utah for a long weekend to ski. We skied Utah early February, and the conditions were epic, and on a whim, she asked if I wanted to go again. Of course I accepted. Who the hell knows what tomorrow has planned. The take away: Don’t invoke the “nopers,” nope, I can’t do it, even though you have the time and resources because you will have time later. Time may not be on your side.
If everybody knew when their last day on earth would be, life insurance would not be a good business. Life insurance is a good business which means you must take advantage of every day because it may be your last.


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I’m Back!

This weekend I decided to resurrect my blog because I need to have an outlet to express my feelings emotions. 2017 has been an up and down year with the two ski trips to Utah and maintaining a 3.95 GPA in my MBA program offsetting the loss of a staff member to a short illness and discovering that another friend has stage 4 cancer. More importantly, I am using the blog to hold myself accountable to follow through on all declarations I publish. I must break the bad habit of saying I will try and achieve a goal, and then never start the process.

Keep me honest!

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