Life Insurance is a Good Business

Last Friday dealt me a shock that reinforced the do it now not later mindset: A friend of mine received a diagnosis of  Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This shocking news was the third friend in four years diagnosed with this insidious disease, and sadly, my two friends passed away soon after the diagnosis. My response? I bought tickets for Tottenham Hotspur play Manchester City in Nashville.  Why? Because I am a big Tottenham supporter and I never seen them play live, and this summer was a perfect opportunity.  It’s the same reason I accepted a friend’s invite to head to Utah for a long weekend to ski. We skied Utah early February, and the conditions were epic, and on a whim, she asked if I wanted to go again. Of course I accepted. Who the hell knows what tomorrow has planned. The take away: Don’t invoke the “nopers,” nope, I can’t do it, even though you have the time and resources because you will have time later. Time may not be on your side.
If everybody knew when their last day on earth would be, life insurance would not be a good business. Life insurance is a good business which means you must take advantage of every day because it may be your last.


Stay Tuned….